We are currently not open for business. Thank you for all your support.

161 Mare Street
London E8 3RH


Small plates
Organic Kalamata olives  3
Roasted baby potatoes with rosemary  4
Soy roasted chilli broccoli, sesame seeds and fresh chillies  4
Vegetable tempura with piquant sauce  4.5
Seitan tempura with tarragon aioli  5
Lentil fritters in a chickpea korma  5.5
Crispy fried tofu chkn, bean ragu and fermented vegetables  7
Meatballs in tuscan tomato sauce  7.5
Seitan katsu  6.5
Gnocchi with sun-dried tomato pesto and parmesan  9
Courgette tagliatelle with roasted walnuts and basil pesto  8

The Original Modern Affair  9.5
Vegan Dreams patty with oyster mushroom,
red onions, gherkins, roasted tomato jam,
avocado salsa and burger sauce

Silly Cheese Steak  9
Sliced seitan steak with sautéed mushrooms,
onions, peppers and chilli cheese

Sweet and Dirty  9
Vegan Dreams patty with chilli cheese roasted tomatoes,
caramelised sesame onions, gherkins and chipotle ketchup


Herbed jasmine rice  2.5
Chunky fries  3.5
Sweet potato fries  4

Walnut cheesecake with date and roasted nut base  7
Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream  7.5